Why You Should Travel with Us

We're Good at What we Do:  We're not afraid to admit that there are many talents which we do not possess.  Neither of us was ever any good at sports (a trait which continues to this day).  By the same token, we could never carry a tune or a play musical instrument.  We're not even good at basic stuff, like riding a bike or driving a car (as our husbands can attest).  But here's one thing we are good at: planning the absolute best trips to Paris and London. Not really a common skill-set and certainly one that we could never showcase in our middle school's talent show, but we're pretty proud of our ability to sift through the long list of things to do in these two European cities and select only the absolute best of the best for you and your family/friends to enjoy with us.  

We Know You and What You Like.  Ok, minus five points for the creepy title.  We get it.  But it really is the best way to say how we feel.  Not to worry, we haven't been going through your trash looking at old receipts and credit card statements.  No, we know what you like because we are you to a certain extent. (Is this getting creepier?)  What we mean is that we are all women looking to experience the best of what Paris and London have to offer.  For some of us this means fulfilling storybook dreams of nibbling macarons on a Parisien balcony. For others it is more about standing in the very same spot where history was made:  the Abbey where William and Kate were married;  the prison where Marie Antoinette was held, etc. Still for others, it is about going away just to come back with a little piece of magic not available at home and so it is the shopping that means the most.  We can relate to all of these dreams and more. More importantly our itineraries 

accommodate all of this and even more.  

We're experienced.  The amount of times we've visited these two cities probably outnumbers the amount of times we've fallen asleep with our makeup on (and that's saying a lot!)  We know the neighborhoods, the people, the restaurants.  Our comfort level is such that if you took away our cell phones, blindfolded us and asked us to find the nearest tea room or boulangerie, we could do it!

We're Smart. Kind of.  We know stuff.  Like a lot of stuff.  Not in the "I'll take US Presidents for $500, Alex" kind of way.  But in the "I know how to skip this line so we don't wait outside this museum kind of way."  We've taken these trips so many times that we've picked up quite a few tips and trips along the way.  If you're still on the fence about capabilities and you're thinking you'd rather travel with people who are smart in the more traditional sense, need we remind you that one of us has passed the bar exam and the other has taught small humans how to read and write?  So maybe we're at least a little bit smart?.  

We Love What We Do:  Its tough to find the one thing in this world that is your true passion.  Its easy to get sidetracked by important things like . . . .taking a job that pays the bills . . . or raising a family. . . or wandering through the aisles of the dollar-spot at Target.  We can honestly say that we love what we do.  At this point you're thinking "duh, everyone loves to go on vacation." But while our trips are certainly a pleasant break for our guests, they entail quite a bit of work on our end, and we wouldn't want it any other way.  We are genuinely interested in scouting out the newest events  This stuff doesn't get old for us.

You Know Us:  The importance of this one cannot be overstated.  Letting two total strangers plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip for you is crazy talk.  You need to know you can trust these people first.  Even more than that, you need know that these people "get" you.  We want you to feel as confident booking this trip as the Bachelorette does when she hands out her final rose.  The only way to ensure that happens is to show you the real us; let you know that "we're here for the right reasons" (okay, last Bachelorette reference); and to give you a peak into what a trip with us actually looks like.  We developed this website with these goals in mind but we also understand that it may take more than a few clicks to convince you that this is for you.  If that's the case and you're still experiencing some level of uncertainty, feel free to contact us with any questions.


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