Day 4


The start of Day 4 brings the promise of new memories and although we know those are enough to satisfy any mama on this trip, we also understand that the little ones might appreciate leaving London with something a bit more tangible than a few photographs and some lasting impressions.  As a result, our first stop is a super sized toy store that is more than 250 years old.  (The store even stayed open during World War II when it was bombed 5 times!)  A visit to this London landmark is more of an interactive experience, where kids can truly make themselves at home and where grownups can watch from a safe distance.  Your tyke will no doubt have great fun racing from aisle to aisle throughout the seven floors of toys.  (The gift card that was included in your child's Welcome Packet  will no doubt come in handy here!) And we are confident that by the time you exit the shop door, your child will leave not with just a new toy but a new memory as well, making this stopover a win win for everyone.

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