Day 3


Day 3 arrives.  You awake to the tantalizing smell of bacon but with it comes the faintest whiff of a problem:  You’ve been in London 48 hours already and have yet to set foot inside a royal residence.  


Well, its high time we change that.  Let’s board our private motor coach and head 40 miles outside of the city.  In contrast to Buckingham Palace or even Windsor Castle, our destination is a spot that most visitors to London don’t know about.  Heck, many Londoners aren’t even fortunate to have stepped foot on the grounds.   What makes our terminus so unique is the setting, which is just as alluring to a 21st -century seven-year old to as it was the future queen of England.  Its as if he hedge maze was planted all those years ago with the express purpose of having some American children show up hundreds of years later to stomp all over it.  There is literally something for everyone here: picture-perfect scenery for the photographer among us; swimming swans and paddling ducks for the animal lover; gorgeous gardens for the nature-minded, and even a cute cafe for tired travelhers needing to rest their weary heels.  


In short, this is our happy place, and we think it will be yours too.

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