Day 2


The time change has undoubtedly impacted your sleep or lack thereof but we have an easy solution: brekkie and a walkabout for some Vitamin D!  Nothing like some black pudding to prepare you for this morning's red double-decker bus ride. But while you may be open-minded when it comes to international delights, we have learned that nothing good can come of a jet-lagged child faced with the prospect of eating blood sausages for breakfast, which is why we have taken care to ensure that some American favorites are mixed in with the standard European offerings.  French toast, waffles and even corn flakes are part of our breakfast lineup and are a quick way to ensure the day is off to a good start.


As we leave the hotel en route to the bus, your child marvels at the architecture around you . . . and you marvel at your child marveling.  And while your mind is wandering, so too is our small group, across no less than two major intersections and at least 6 alley ways.  It has been mere moments since we walked out of the hotel lobby, yet your sense of direction is as obscured as that famous British humor.  For the second time in as many days you are thankful that you decided not to do this on your own.


 Our group arrives at the stop just as the bus is pulling up. The kids clamor up the stairs to the second floor of the bus and are treated to the most fantastic views of London's bustling streets.  While the ride is pretty darn special, our destination is even better:  the prior home of a world famous children's author for a scavenger hunt, complete with prizes!

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