You arrive in the City of Lights early in the morning and after a sleepless night on an airplane, the last thing you want to see is actual daylight. Lucky for you, our private transfer allows you to unapologetically pull your eye mask down and disappear from the world for a bit.  This small luxury is a stark contrast to the grueling challenges faced by your fellow travelers back at the airport.  While you are already nestled comfortably in the back seat, almost everyone else on your flight is fighting to get to the front of a frigid and slow moving taxi line. Either that, or they are about to embark on a lengthy journey underground.  


Blissfully unaware of how difficult and long, the short trip from the airport could have been, your eyes open just as the car pulls up to our perfectly situated hotel in one of the very best arrondissements.  You peer up the street in one direction and a few adorable looking shops and cafes stare back at you.  You glance in the other direction and see that you are face to face with the white building facades and wrought iron balconies of your dreams.  You have arrived, indeed.


The afternoon is yours to enjoy, whether that means getting a jump on  a few of our sightseeing recommendations or resting for a bit and simply seeing the inside of your very Parisien hotel room.  Either choice will no doubt leave you in the mood for some late afternoon refreshments. 


Our welcome reception is being held in a spot that truly is tres magnifique and with all of the champagne, music and laughter, you already can see why Paris is always a good idea.


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