Day 1 You arrive in London fresh off your overnight transatlantic flight feeling rested and ready for action.  Okay maybe you're a bit bleary-eyed and jet lagged but no worries as our private transfer service is waiting for you just outside of Baggage Claim. You see someone holding a placard with your name on it and you realize somewhere over the Atlantic, in between dozing off and snacking on the complementary peanuts, you've achieved celebrity status.  Instantly, you are whisked way from the chaos of the Arrivals terminal, and a sense of calm washes over you.  You have a brief moment of silence for those poor souls back at the airport fighting for black cabs or worse, schlepping their luggage through dark and crowded tunnels towards the Heathrow Express.  You try to resist the urge to sleep on the way to the hotel but can't.  The journey is just too peaceful.  


You're eyes open as just as the car pulls up to a stately Georgian townhouse.  You are momentarily confused.  Did the car service double as a time-machine?  You are half-expecting to see Elizabeth Bennet bound down the steps to greet you.  But instead it is a white-gloved Englishman who appears just outside the car door. He welcomes you with a smile and a friendly, "Hallo Madum."  Once inside you realize that apparently you have been booked into that rare species of hotels which possess both modern amenities and historic grandeur. Your room is splendidly comfortable ...and the afternoon is yours to enjoy.


By 5:00pm you are ready for the welcome reception, which is being held at a rooftop bar, with seriously divine views of London.  You eat, drink, chat and take selfies with ladies, you've only just met but feel that you've known for years!

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