You arrive in Paris after an overnight flight and your little one has the energy of a freshly uncorked bottle of bubbly, which is really quite fitting given that the Champagne region is a mere 45 minutes away from where you are now standing.  Although you are just as excited you somehow manage to compose yourself enough to get yourselves out of the baggage claim area and towards the black-suited man holding a sign with your last name on it. 


In mere moments, you are speeding down the highway towards the City of Lights.  Speaking of light, you glance over at your offspring and see their face is completely lit up with excitement.  You knew this was going to be a memorable trip but didn’t realize the memories would start with the car ride from the airport. 


Eventually the driver eases the car across a bridge and the slow-moving Seine comes into view.  It is a gorgeous sight and a wonderful welcome to Paris, but even more moving than the river is the look on your child’s face when they see it too. 


Check-in is a breeze but at this point the exhaustion has probably hit you like a hurricane.  If it hasn't, now's the perfect time to pull out a few of our guaranteed good guides and select from our recommended activities.  The ones marked "easy peasy" are perfect for a day like today because they indicate that only the lowest level of effort is required.  We made these instructions so simple that even a child could follow them.  Perhaps you should let yours do the navigating while you day dream about an outfit to wear to this evening's welcome bash.

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