This option is perfect for the travelher who wants to see and experience Paris or London authentically.  Our goal is to provide unique moments that put you in touch with the essence of each city; meaning not only do we visit major landmarks but also lesser known sights.


Our journeys are meant to share with you the special scenes that you've only ever read about in books or dreamed of late at night: 

Parisian waiters dressed in black and white carrying trays of hot drinks amidst a crowded cafe.

White-gloved Englishmen brandishing tiered plates of mini-sandwiches and scones inside a London eatery.

Wide boulevards showcasing large French fashion houses.

Narrow alleyways revealing tiny English tea rooms.  

Flags colored in blue, white and red draped above French doorways.

Flags colored in blue, white and red strung across the streets of London.

There are discoveries to be made at every turn and every interest is accommodated.  We make sure our trips are sprinkled with a healthy dose of flexibility and provide options that appeal to every woman's sensibilities.  We understand that there are different philosophies out there when it comes to travel.  Some of us like to spend our days in the shops, picking up unique items, unavailable at home.  While others would rather peer up at the Mona Lisa than peer down through the glass cases of jewelry cases of Parisien shop owners.  Our trips account for these differences and ensure that no matter what you came to see, you see more; no matter what you came to taste, you taste more; no matter what you came to do, you do more.  And in the end, your experience is more than you ever thought it would be.

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