Our travelhers and tots tour is designed for ‘mums’ who wish to take their wee ones on a European adventure, but without the hassle of planning each and every tedious detail.           

“Will the hotel be close enough to walk from without the kids whining, ‘I’m tired. My legs hurt.  I need a drink?" 

“Will the castle, palace, monument, thousands-of-years-old-rocks-in-a-circle, be interesting enough or will I have to break out the iPhone just to keep the kids upright?” 

“I think it’d be fun to take a day trip outside of the city, but how . . . no seriously, how?”  


Cast these fears aside and let us do it all for you.  We  are traveling worriers after all.  Yes, thats right “traveling worriers.”  Not to be confused with “traveling warriors,” which we are not.  If you’ve thought about it, chances are we’ve worried about it;  calculated the statistical odds of it actually occurring; and then (in most cases) packed antibiotics and an epi-pen just to be safe.  These trips are designed to provide you with the most memorable experiences, while at the same time shielding you from worry, hassle . . . and even the prying eyes of your husband.  Oh, did we not mention that yet?  These trips, much like a Nora Ephron movie, are centered on a female-lead.  That means no husbands.  Just moms, step-moms, soccer-moms, grand-moms, as well as non-moms: the relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. who wish to take the little ones in their life, on an unforgettable journey.


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