The French do three things extraordinarily well:  wine, cheese and chateaux.  We know of a place where we can get a taste of all three.  No, its not the very popular but oft over-crowded Versailles (which really should be renamed Ver-sigh because of the level of frustration that comes with that many people gathered in one place).  Our selection is quite a bit more unique but no less awe-inspiring.  This gorgeous estate has a rich history, perfectly manicured gardens, a bell tower to climb, golf carts to ride around in and even costumes so your little person will know exactly how it felt to be a king's musketeer or a princess.  The chateau has enough attractions to keep the kids entertained and enough splendor to remind the grown ups that the French take architecture almost as seriously as they take their baguettes.  This is one of our favorites because it is particularly child-friendly and allows kids free reign to do anything they want.  Well, almost anything.  After all, the former owner did receive a life-long prison sentence.  Maybe it is best for the little ones to be on their best behavior...  

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