Day 5 is all about fun.  Have you ever paid a cover charge just to get into a really cool bar?  Well we're going to do something similar. . . but at a playground instead.  That's right, this playground is so good, you have to pay an entrance fee to gain admission. 


We've spent the morning apart but now its time to meet back up at the coolest playground in the coolest park in Paris.  Its totally unique and not something you could ever find back home.  Why?  Well, first because the playground is located in a park that is older than the United States of America. And second because there are beau coup activities for your children to enjoy here.  The kids will have a blast swinging, riding, jumping and spinning.  And lest you think this visit not French enough, there's even a marionette show, merry-go-round and a picturesque pond where the kids push wooden boats around with a stick (see? we're definitely not in Kansas anymore!)  


As if that's not enough, we should point out that all this takes place against the backdrop of a 17th century palace and amidst rows of trees planted in lines so straight that even Ms. Clavel would be proud! We'll conclude with a walk to our favorite cafe, famous for their truly decadent hot chocolate.  

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