Its day 3 and we understand that the combination of yesterday's day trip and the time change might mean the kids (and grown up's) need a few extra Zzzzzz's.    This morning's activity is a real HIGH-light of the trip so we want everyone to really feel UP to it (hint hint). No trip to Paris would be complete without a visit to the Iron Lady-  she "steels" our hearts every time (badum bum).  We'll take the elevator up and when the doors open we'll take in an unforgettable view.  We'll stay just long enough to waive down at the riverboats cruising the Seine and then we'll head off to lunch . . . on one of these very boats!  


We make it to the dock just in time and are wished a good trip, as we board the boat.  Its not long before bon voyage turns into bon appetit.  The kids love their food almost as much as they love the view from their window seats, but the best part is that they're game for the whole two and a half hour boat ride, thanks in large part to a game we've created and brought along with us.  The kids love spotting the landmarks and the adults love spotting the smiles on their children's faces.

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