We’re still riding the beauty train on the morning of Day 5 and as a result we are heading to what is considered hallowed ground in France: the French Pharmacy.  No, we’re not shopping for cough medicine at this modern day Fountain of Youth. We’re here to pick up wrinkle medicine.  And dark spot medicine.  And under eye medicine.  Our stop here is brief but its enough to guarantee that the next time you come back for a visit, Paris will think you are the younger sister of the girl who came in to buy all of those face creams and elixirs.


In true French fashion, we’re moving from beauty straight on to fragrance.  Actually, we’re combining beauty and fragrance.  We’ll tour a French fragrance institution and learn the secrets of the perfume industry.  And we’ll do it all within the confines of a gorgeous old building that boasts its share of secrets as well.  A truly unique experience that earns rave reviews from all of our clients, the tour concludes with a sampling of scents.  

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