Our Story

Here’s the part where we tell you a little bit more about who we are.  Perhaps you’re thinking we’re nomads without families? Backpackers without mortgages? Daredevils without fear?  Nope.  We’re actually quite the opposite:  hypochondriacs with families and even mortgages (not to mention serious baguette addictions).  The thought of any flight longer than 3 hours gives us hives and we enjoy having access to the entire contents of our wardrobes, without being limited to only those pieces that can be rolled into a 35.5inch by 29.5inch rectangle, and popped through an x-ray machine. 


So exactly how did two individuals with a small fear of flying and a big fear of over-packing (or worse, under-packing) , wind up leading groups of women and their little ‘uns to Europe?  In short, we took the long way here.  We practiced law (Mia); taught school (Erica); lived in South Africa (Mia);  and even had three babies (Erica).  Through it all we kept returning to the places where we felt the most at home.  For Erica it was always the narrow patisserie-lined alley-ways of Paris, exuding charm with each   cursive-lettered menu and bread-basket filled window.  For Mia, it was the streets of London, chocked full of black cabs and pastel-colored townhouses.  


With every bite of our macarons and each sip of our tea we experienced a certain . . . magic.  Of course we chose to do what anyone who stumbles upon a little pocket of magic in this weird and wonderful world does:  we shared it with those nearest and dearest to us.  We brought our husbands, children, parents, siblings . . . virtually, anyone we knew who could recite the words to Ella Fitzgerald’s “I love Paris” or to "London Bridge is Falling Down" (clearly the easier of the two).  We developed a list, not just of places and activities, but of experiences in both Paris and London, that were clear winners in our book for both adults and children and we brought our  family members to them. 


On past trips, the little ones received their introduction to Paris by way of an extended bedtime and a late night viewing of a sparkly Eiffel Tower against a dark winter sky.  An exuberant London welcome was arranged courtesy of the bells of Saint Paul’s Cathedral chiming just outside our hotel room window. Our catalog of locations and activities grew and grew and eventually became so impenetrable- it guaranteed such great fun(!) that we were not the least bit surprised when one of our husbands (a particularly masculine fellow) emerged from a matinee viewing of Matilda The Musical and declared it the best show his eyes had ever seen.  

Well you can imagine that amidst all of this journeying back and forth from country to country, we amassed quite a decent amount of photos.  While the introverted one of us kept hers privately tucked away in a password- encrypted file on her computer, the over-sharer among us posted hers to social media.   Turns out there's a whole slew of women wanting to find out if London Bridge really is falling down (kidding), or if they love Paris in the springtime (not kidding).  (For the record, we love Paris anytime.)  And so we decided that it would be great fun to act as the fearless leadhers of this wonderful tribe of women, whom we like to call . . . Travelhers.

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