Day 5

Sometimes the best days on a vacation are the ones where you do absolutely nothing.  Our version of a day like this means that while you don't have to lift a finger . . . .the fingers of others will still be hard at work, massaging your scalp, applying a skin treatment or painting your nails.  No girls trip would be complete without a spa day, so we've made all the arrangements.  All you have to do is "tell them what you want, what you really, really want."  {Could we really talk about London and not quote some vintage Spice Girls lyrics?} Our spa visit includes a treatment of your choice, a light lunch and usage of the spa's reflecting swimming pool, vitality pool, sauna and steam room.

The benefit of a relaxing day like this is that you won't feel like you have to crawl into bed the minute it gets dark, which is good, because we have an entirely different sort of crawl planned for the evening:  a pub crawl.  We know, we know.  Pub crawls are for college kids on spring break, not moms on a break from their kids.  But our pub crawl is different.  Okay, maybe not so different.  There's still beer and there's still pubs but our pubs are historically significant, which is saying a lot in this city!  Even if you don't fancy a Pimms or a Stella, this is stellar way to learn more about the history of London. 

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