Day 4


Picking up where we left off with our royal rendezvous,  we're going to spend the day acting as if our first names are "Your" and our last names are "Highness."  We'll stop off at all the Queen's favorite haunts, including her preferred coffee brewer, chocolatier and perfumer.  That's right, we are going to eat, drink and smell like royalty, which really is fitting given that our final stop of the day is Kensington Palace, home to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry.  Although we'll only be allowed in the public area, its still pretty fantastic to think that Prince Harry could be walking around in his knickers just on the other side of the hedges!

In all seriousness with or without a royal sighting, the Palace is worth seeing, as is the nearby tearoom.  We'll make sure to leave enough time for all of us to plop some sugar cubes into steaming hot cups of tea and ponder what life is really like as a Royal.

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