Day 3


By this time, the jet lag may be catching up with you so breakfast can be taken at your own pace.  Maybe you'll want to get up and go for an early morning run or perhaps a few more hours of shut eye would mean more to you than any endorphin ever could.  Either way we'll meet up around mid-day for a traditional English tea, taken in one of the best tea rooms in all of London.  Delectable finger sandwiches and tiny cakes abound!


You may walk out feeling like a stuffed Cornish game hen, but there's not much time to slow down because we're headed to a West End show.  All of the performances are top notch and most take place in historic old theaters.  Even the intermission alone is worth of the price of admission.  Why?  Because as the lights come on adorable little trolleys appear in the aisle and sell tiny ice creams.  Need we say more?

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