Day 2


A full breakfast buffet is prepared and waiting for you in the hotel's dining room.  The food is delicious and the coffee is the strong European kind that simply does not exist in America.  Your first stop after breakfast is a visit to see some royal beauties, and we're not talking about Princess Kate or Queen Elizabeth for that matter.  We mean the crown jewels.  That's right, a lot of people journey to England simply to see that other circular configuration of stones, ahem  stonehenge.  However we prefer our rocks to be of the gleaming un-dusty variety.  


Speaking of sparkly things, our next stop is a perfectly poised to give you a bird's eye view of virtually all of London's shiny stunners.  Situated high in the sky, we'll be able to peak at the shimmering Shard and gaze at the glimmering Gherkin, all while indulging in some seriously fine food and drink.  Not only does this spot tower high above central London but its resident restaurants are also head and shoulders above the rest.


After lunch take full advantage of London's landmarks. We'll provide you with a wide range of options and add our own tips for making the afternoon memorable and fun.

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