Day 6

The sixth day of our journey includes an introduction to that quintessentially British activity of market shopping.  We'll take a stroll down Portobello Road in Notting Hill, meandering in and out of the carefully curated stalls.  We know just the right time to get there in order to avoid the rush and to keep the elbow jostling at a minimum.  


What's that you say?  Sifting through bric-a-brac is not your preferred way to spend your vacay?  Well not to worry, the streets of Notting Hill are just as adorable even if they're not set up with heaving tables of antiquities.  If you're not feeling up to perusing Portobello we'll point you in the direction of the famous pastel-hued townhouses and even steer you towards our favorite farm-to-table cafe for some celebrity spotting.  

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