Now that we've visited the Pharmacy and gotten a grasp on all the lotions and potions that French girls use, its time to sample a bit more of France's other miracle elixir:  wine.  Paris may be for lovers but the wineries in the surrounding villages are for moms on vacay.  We have one last chance to truly immerse ourselves in the French lifestyle and rather than waste it inside a museum or art gallery, we're going to spend it getting wasted.  {Not really, but the play on words was too tempting.}  


Our day includes a journey to the enchanting Loire Valley.  We'll take a winery tour.  Have lunch at the winemaker's home.  And of course taste some truly delicious wines.  If we're going to make our flights home tomorrow, we'll have to refrain from drinking every last sip that is offered.  We'll hate for the fun to end but as the French say, "c'est la vie."   

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