We’re up bright and early this morning because we have a special treat planned, and we mean that literally. Our day kicks off with a behind the scenes tour of a Parisien bakery, or boulangerie as they’re known in these parts.  Typically the focus at these sweet shops is on creating teeny tiny cakes, pastries and let’s not forget, baguettes. But today the focus will be on creating a once in a lifetime experience for you.  We’ll go beyond the counter, beyond the double doors even and gain access to the working kitchen, where prized pastries are prepped and the best baguettes are baked.  We’ll pause for a peak inside the ovens and we’ll get a grip on those ingredients.  


The scent of baking baguettes will no doubt be irresistible, so its only fair that we leave with a treat, or in this case, two.  Our adventure concludes with a baguette and a croissant for everyone, completely complimentary of course!  And the timing could not be better because our next stop is perfect for a snack  al fresco.  


A hallmark of the French lifestyle happens to be sitting and watching life as it goes by.  The French sit in cafes.  They sit on riverbanks.  And they sit in gardens, which is where we’re headed. Our choice just so happens to be over four hundred years old but doesn’t look a day over one.  It is our favorite spot in all of Paris, so get ready for something truly idyllic.  

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